Agency for Meaningful Matters

The world can be cleaner, more inclusive and more honest. When we combine big ambitions with the power of strategy, design & tech, anything is possible. Then, we can remove plastics from the ocean instead of producing more of it. We can make theater become as #trending as Beyonce. We can turn an app into a language buddy. And turn a website into an emancipation platform. How do we do this? We ditch conventions and create opinionated design that works.

The team

Our international team consists of around 25 people with different interests and backgrounds. Three founders manage teams with their own expertise. Our Head of Design directs you and your fellow designers. Together with one of our strategists you come up with new digital platforms and work out that design to perfection. Of course under the inspiring guidance of a project manager so that you can fully focus on what makes your heart beat the fastest.

You keep an eye on the big story and focus on the delightful details. You apply animation and persuasion tactics to reach the goal. With motion design or prototypes you bring interaction concepts to life. You know best practices and patterns in UI design, new design tools such as Sketch, Framer and Principle are your second nature. You understand that developers are your creative buddies and not your servants. You substantiate choices, you are opinionated, reasonable and reasonably opinionated.

"I am very precise and always think long term"

Your working day at GRRR

  • In the morning you review the progress of the projects you are working on with a PM. Do you have enough information to be able to rock?
  • Together with your colleagues you go through trends and share your knowledge in a Designers Monthly.
  • With the project team you do a kickoff of one of your new projects. Based on the (UX) strategy you start thinking about Art Direction and design.
  • In the afternoon you present your work to your client’s team.
  • For another ongoing project you tweak the details of an adjustment with one of our developers.

What is fun about this?

  1. We have a great culture with people who are passionate about making a positive impact. These people are sometimes your colleagues, sometimes your customers.
  2. We strive to be at the forefront of tools and practices. Design Systems and prototyping belong to our standards.
  3. Your experience in the office world or as a freelancer helps us grow to more international customers.
  4. You contribute to a culture that is creative, where people can learn from each other, grow and where mistakes are discussed.
  5. Your experience and talent lays the foundation for great creative work that sometimes wins prizes.
  6. We offer a nice healthy lunch and have one of the nicest offices in the center of Amsterdam (with garden).
  7. Tickets for cultural events and the occasional dirty rave in our basement.

What we hope to find in you

  • Work experience as a freelancer or in the office world.
  • You are organised and creative. You can work pragmatically towards a solution on a designated deadline and also think more broadly about what a customer really needs in the long term.
  • Motion Design is an integral part of your skills.
  • You know modern tools and trends.
  • You are available for 4 to 5 days a week.
  • You look for meaning in your work and you think it’s important to tell a story.


Write a personal, not too long motivation, share your portfolio as a PDF or website and give an idea of you as a colleague. There is no prize for the first response. Please apply before Oct. 31th 2019. Every vacancy is an opportunity for us to make the team more diverse. We encourage candidates with all backgrounds and identities to apply. For questions please contact Rolf Coppens (Creative Director). Please don’t respond if you’re a recruiter.


Apply via Homerun

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  • 2003


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