GRRR is looking for a creative Front-End Developer. Someone who fights for the end user, performance and UX. Someone that creates truly creative work in close collaboration with designers. As an agency with strong ideals, we work on projects with short lead times like Hulptroepen and PICL. But also on bigger platforms like The Ocean Cleanup and Stedelijk Museum.

GRRR loves tech

Performance and accessibility are of vital importance to us: this is reflected in all layers of our stack. It’s not without reason that we have a preference for static site generators and a small bundle size. We base our choice for appropriate technology on these matters – whether it be Laravel, WordPress (headless) or Eleventy. And at the bottom line a project just has to work super intuitively. That’s why we always work in a multidisciplinary team with designers and UX-ers who are not afraid of technology.

We find progressive enhancement normal. And we don’t start thinking about accessibility at the end of the project, but from the start. 

We like to work with open-source software and freely publish our own work too. If you’re interested, check our tech blog and Github profile. There you can read, for example, how we managed to put up a professional setup for WordPress. How,  on top of that, we developed a static site generator, which we use to make sites like The Ocean Cleanup super fast and secure (check the case and this article).

Our culture is creative and open. We share lessons learned from projects with others through conferences, publications, lectures and events. As a developer you play an important role in maintaining and expanding that ambiance and culture.

We subject code to a code review by another developer. This improves the quality and contributes to your development.

We are GRRR, agency for Meaningful Matters

We believe that the world should be and can be cleaner, more honest and more inclusive. This is why we combine the power of strategy, design and tech with meaningful matters. We clean up plastic rather than selling junk. We can make theater as hot as Beyoncé. And we can turn an app into a language buddy or a website into a platform for emancipation. How do we do that? We ditch conventions and create authentic, original design that really works. Award-winning? Oh yes! But we consider the impact we make with our work much more important. 

We walk the talk. This is why we are the first digital agency in The Netherlands that is a Certified B Corp, just like, for example, Triodos, Patagonia and Tony’s. Want to know more? Check our profile on Fontanel Jobs.

Your working day at GRRR

  • We have a weekly stand-up with the development team. In this way, everybody is up to date of the current challenges and needs. 
  • In the morning we have a kick-off of a new project. You are involved from the start. 
  • After a collective lunch in our garden you start a short session with a client in order to find a solution for a feature request together.
  • After a few hours of focused work you have pair-programming session with a team member. You just want to get that animation perfectly right on 60fps. 
  • At the end of the day you evaluate your feedback on your Pull Requests so you can process it tomorrow. Certainly there are also a number of Pull Requests in your inbox that require your critical look.

The fun stuff

  • As a tech talent, you want to make a positive impact, instead of making Venture Capital rich. 
  • Your manager understands your expertise, and fights for the role of tech in a project.
  • Your work varies from working on a small project or an MVP, to creating work that is shared by Elon Musk (true story). 
  • You work with colleagues that go for the best only, in terms of tooling, working methods and tech ethics. That counts for all layers of the stack: CSS is not neglected with us. 
  • Our culture is progressive: we continuously try to improve different aspects of our work. In this way, no week is the same. 
  • You contribute to our creative culture, where people can learn from each other, grow, and where ‘mistakes’ are considered opportunities to learn. 
  • We offer a delicious, healthy lunch. We have one of the most beautiful offices in the city centre of Amsterdam, including a garden. Lastly, we offer tickets to cultural events and grungy raves in our cellar.

Who are you?

  • You’re available for 4 or 5 days a week. 
  • You master HTML, CSS and Javascript. You like to create a code that is maintainable, performant and readable. 
  • You’re creative and eager to learn. You’re interested in our craft and want to stay up-to-date of trends and new developments.
  • You have a great command of English.
  • You have at least 3 years of work experience.


  • Knowledge of WCAG2.1.
  • Experience with PHP.
  • A Github-profile with open-source projects.
  • A fair command of Dutch.


Write a personal, concise motivation in which you sketch an impress of you as a colleague. For us, every vacancy is an opportunity to make our team more diverse. We encourage applicants from all backgrounds and identities to apply. For questions, please contact Harmen Janssen (Sr Developer). Recruiter don’t have to respond (really, just don’t).

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