Grrr is looking for a sparkling designer with a curious mindset. As a visual design intern you will work on websites, visual identities and campaigns. And you will work in one of the most beautiful offices in the Netherlands.

About you

You have a crush on visual design, you have a curious mindset and you want to develop your skills. You have a great feel for typography, interaction and contemporary aesthetics. Your portfolio proves this. You design primarily for web, but you’re not afraid of print either. You’re aware of the latest online developments and design trends. You think different and hate mediocrity. You control all standard design apps (Sketch, the Adobe Suite). Experience with prototyping and animation tools (Invision, AfterEffects) is a nice plus.


  • The internship will start around January/February 2020
  • You are studying at bachelor or master level. Not a student? Don’t apply!
  • The internship lasts at least 4 months.
  • You receive an adequate internship fee and enjoy a good lunch free of charge.
  • No portfolio? No reaction.

About Grrr

We’re the original new school. In 2003 we were one of the first Dutch agencies to unite design and technology into one suave team. We distinguish ourselves through innovation and originality. That is what makes us Grrr.

Our human-centered approach helps our customers to look through the eyes of their audience. We keep it clear and simple, so that we arrive at insightful conclusions together. We use research, our own expertise and service design techniques.

We create websites and apps. But if a poster works better, why fight it? It usually is a combination: different media come together to narrate the entire story. As long as it creates impact. For example, project in which sustainability plays a leading role, such as The Ocean Cleanup and Fastned. Or work where people are central, such as MSF and Ye! Community. Or startups that we sometimes initiate ourselves, such as Fietsy, Kandoor and Ananas. We also take on data-heavy but intuitively-working projects in education, such as Schoolwijzer for the Muncipality of Amsterdam.

And lots of culture! De Melkweg, Stedelijk Museum, Filmhuis The Hague to name only a few. Why? Because we love movies, music and places on the guest list.

Our culture is creative and open. We share our lessons learned from projects  with others through conferences, publications and lectures. For example, check our web typography booklet.

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