So you can code. A true power skill in 2021. But how do you intend to wield this power? If you’re like us, you like using your powers to make the world a cleaner, fairer and more inclusive place. Then let’s talk.

At GRRR, you get to work on various types of projects with a positive impact, where technology always plays a major part – from start to finish.

As an agency revolving around Meaningful Matters, we choose to work on projects that aid people and contribute to the world. But instead of us convincing you, we prefer to let the experts do the talking. That’s why we are a certified B Corp. Because we believe that making money shouldn’t be the only goal. We also strive to have a positive effect on ecology, society and towards our team.

We do this by working with partners like The Ocean Cleanup, the City of Amsterdam, Melkweg and Doctors Without Borders.

The Challenge

Our work consists of a strong combination of cutting-edge technology, sound strategies and captivating design. It sure looks great, but that doesn’t mean our tech just falls in line with static designs. On the contrary, we believe a multidisciplinary approach results in a much more user-friendly project.

For instance, you would be working on The Ocean Cleanup. We developed various custom back-end services to integrate their back office. But next to that, we completely overhauled their website and publishing system, drastically improving much-needed stability, scalability and speed. You can read an extensive rundown about it from our Tech Lead Harmen.

As a Junior Front-end Developer at GRRR, you get a front row seat learning experience with some of the best (front-end) specialists around. Do you want to combine your drive to improve the world with evolving into a next gen front-end dev, and having fun while you’re at it? This might be your call.

Our studio culture is best described as creative and open. We like sharing the lessons we’ve learned, on our tech blog and at in-person events. As Front-end Developer, you play an important part in maintaining and expanding this mindset and culture.


We write scalable code that will keep on running. We like working with headless CMS systems and static sites, because our conviction is that this results in the best overall User Experience. Especially when it comes to performance and security.

This doesn’t only require an efficient back-end and front-end, but also smart integration between the two. It’s not just about tech, but also about people – that’s why smooth cooperation between Back-end and Front-end specialists is important.

We use Next.js as our React framework, with Typescript and Sass. Next.js enables us to build static websites, because they are usually faster and more secure. What’s not to love?

We never lose sight of our users, we want to offer them the best experience. That means we care about performance and accessibility. We like animation on the web, through smooth animations and transitions we aim to help the visitor achieve their goals in an easy and joyful way.

There’s also lots of room for experimentation. We like to explore modern techniques, in order to create sustainable, future-proof solutions.

We use automated testing, content integration, continuous development and pull requests. Every line of code we write is peer reviewed before it ends up in the public eye. Not only does it improve the code quality; it also improves your skills as a developer.

We use open source software where we can, and when remotely possible we also like giving back to the community. Take a look at our GitHub for examples.

Your profile

  • You’re available for 4 or 5 days a week
  • You have experience with Next.js or a similar framework
  • You can show us your work (code), preferably on a GitHub profile where you highlight the projects you think are representative of your experience
  • You’re in possession of a European Union Work Permit
  • Salary: €35.000 yearly, based on FTE and depending on experience.


Your team members have various specializations, ranging from front-end and accessibility, to back-end and devops in our tech division. The whole team exceeds 30 wonderful people, from designers and strategists to UX experts.

As developers, we’ve created a work environment where we aim to improve every day. As a team, we like helping each other out and strive for an end product we can be proud of.

We encourage Junior Developers to learn, while also being a real part of the team, adding practical value to the development of new projects. Using code reviews and one-on-ones we will coach you through every process.

  • Tech Lead

    Harmen Janssen

  • CTO

    David Spreekmeester

  • Developer

    Ramiro Hammen

  • Sr. Front-end Developer

    Michèle van den Aardweg

  • Developer

    Jochem de Groot

  • Sr. Developer

    Martijn Gastkemper

  • Front-end Developer

    Martijn Nieuwenhuizen

The procedure

Sounds good? Then send us your motivation, CV, work (code) and preferably your GitHub profile.

Apply through Homerun

If we deem your motivation and experience to be fitting for the position, we’ll gladly invite you for an interview. Through a remote assessment we will dive a little deeper into your skills and way of working. This will be followed up by a final interview for potential candidates.

Every new position is an opportunity for us to diversify our team. We strongly encourage candidates with all backgrounds and identities to apply – you are very welcome here!

For questions, refer to our Tech Lead Harmen Janssen.
Requests from recruiters will be left unanswered.