Back-ender who loves design. And penguins.

Hatef joined our tech team as a specialist in PHP and PHP based frameworks. As a design enthusiast he also knows his way around frontend stuff such as JS, CSS and HTML. And we can just keep going with the abbreviations, because our new developer is also big fan of GPS.

‘Aren’t we all?’ I hear you think. But no, we’re not talking Google Maps here. GPS in this case stands for Global Penguin Society. Yes, our Hatef is a big fan of these flightless birds🐧.

Hatef was trained as a software engineer at the Azad University in Lahijan, Iran, where he grew up. As well as a consecutive master degree in computer science at the Polytechnic University of Turin.

He now lives in The Netherlands because he loves the cultural diversity here, and has the opportunity to work on meaningful matters here at GRRR. And surprisingly enough, he even likes the Dutch language.

Having lived in Italy, Hatef loves spaghetti 🍝. But not in his <code>.