Variable font workshop with Typearture

Are you already familiar with variable fonts? Probably not that much. Let’s discover this together! Come, learn and try all about it in our one-day workshop in collaboration with Neon Moiré. On February 15th 2020 you are welcome in our studio at GRRR on the Nieuwmarkt in Amsterdam. The workshop is led by Arthur Reinders Folmer from Typearture. You learn about variable font technology and how to implement it in css, but you will also make a working variable font yourself!

What will be covered?
Introduction: what are variable fonts, how does it work, what are the possibilities?
Glyphs app: how to create a letter, how to make it variable?
Creation: design one or more characters in Glyphs
Implementation: export to variable font file, set up css and html page
Playing: test and refine the variable font

What hardware/software do I need?
A Macbook(Pro)
A vector drawing program as mentioned above
If possible: a pre-installed version or free trial of Glyphs App
Something for making a lot of notes.

For who?
The workshop is open to everyone interested in typeface design and technology. Get your tickets here.