Creating a global mindset

Language as binding force is a new app designed to revolutionise the way we learn a new language. Available to everyone, ananas connects people to learn a language the most natural way, go out, do activities, meet people and break down social barriers. We want to contribute to a global community where language and culture isn’t a barrier, unifying local and international communities through language exchange. ananas encourages its users to meet face-to-face, one on one, in the same geo-location.

For instance, a Dutch businessman who wants to learn Chinese for work, ananas can connect him to an international student from China. They meet at local café in De Pijp and cover topics useful to them: business Chinese and conversational Dutch. As a self-form ambassador program, the users will actively engage with one another in activities of their preferences. It is the first software to combine a digital platform with real language meet-ups, providing a unique language-learning experience. Be local and speak global.


Sounds interesting? ananas is currently competing in the Accenture Innovation Awards. You can help them win by voting here. Thank you!  

Grrr & ananas

Grrr creates, supports, participates in startup and scale ups on a regular basis. is an example of this. Gezi Fu, a Amsterdam entrepreneur with Chinese roots, approached Grrr for help. Grrr supports this startup by providing strategical advise as well as technical and design consultancy.

Want to know more about Grrr’s launch program? Send a message to or contact 020 – 320 7708 and ask for Rolf Coppens.