Digital Society School

Education made ready for today and tomorrow

How to be a relevant digital university today? Digital Society School is a new form of education that sets out to provide all generations with the skills and knowledge to create an inclusive digital society. Grrr is their partner for digital strategy and communication. NoProtocol developed the website for DSS. First results of our cooperation are the just launched corporate branding and website.

Seamless mix between work, research and education

With short, modular instruction formats and a setup that’s based on interaction instead of one way communication, DSS is a learning community in which developers, researchers and designers all work together with students to try and solve the societal issues digitization creates today.

Digital Society School aims to build and foster a diverse community of learners that integrate digital technology into society, using human-centered design approaches. Thinking big, but starting locally and sharing their knowledge for the world to use.

At this moment two courses, which DSS calls ‘tracks’, are open for participants: digital to physical and data driven transformation.


A public-private partnership for a common goal

Digital Society School is an initiative of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. With the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area continuing to grow, and with that the demand for digital talent, the Municipality of Amsterdam is an enthusiastic advocate and investor in this new educational project. Other partners are Acer, Cisco and NYC Media Lab.

Also want to help design the future? Digital Society School is still looking for additional partners who understand that positive impact on society can go hand in hand with value creation for their own organisation. Check out what Digital Society School can offer.