Prevent headaches by future-proofing your tech architecture

As a manager of a public institution or museum you want a website that is universally accessible and keeps working under all circumstances. Furthermore you want a website that lasts. Even if your needs change further down the road.

These conditions are not self-evident, as you might know from experience. But how to overcome this? Answering that question is David’s task as a Technology Strategist at GRRR. The international top conference MuseumNext Tech was curious how he did this, especially in regards to our work for Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. In which a bold artistic statement (check out our brutalist web design) is combined with an intuitive interface. Which is not only flexible, future-proof and durable, but also easy to use for editors – even though it’s connected to a huge art collection and various state-of-the-art online services. MuseumNext’s question to David: what is your secret?

<drum roll> ….. quit building monoliths and make it modular!

And yes, the name already gives it away; modular architecture is splitting up an online platform in smaller parts that function independently. Still too often we see websites that have been built up as a monolithic juggernaut. And that causes problems in the long run.

More microservices

As an alternative to such a monolithic moloch, David’s plea at MuseumNext was for more microservices. And if you’re not convinced of the benefits of this already, some namedropping might help; Netflix, Amazon, Ebay and Soundcloud are enthusiastic evangelists of this philosophy, to name a few.

Using epic paintings, Swiss pocket knives and cutlery, David explained what microservices are and how you can organise your work process to start designing them.

Want to know more on future focussed websites?

David loves to share his vision on this. Call him on 020 – 320 7708 or mail him at


p.s. here you’ll find David sheets in Keynote and pdf. The keynote is rather big because David went a bit out of his way with transitions 🤩.