What is Christmas for you? A special tradition or a kind of mega black friday with better decoration? Whether it is the ingrained traditions or the short and cold days;ย  we experienceย these holidays as a time of reflection. We make time for each other, give gifts and are extra sweet for those who could use some extra attention.

We chose beats for oldies in stead of chocolates for clients

This was a special year for us. We decided to be an agency that focuses entirely on meaningful matters. That we want to make the world cleaner, more beautiful and more diverse with our work. Around these holidays we want to let our customers know that we are happy with them.

But a Christmas gift, the standard bottle of organic wine or ๐ŸŽ bonbons this year didn’t feel like the best option for that. That is why our customers will receive this beautiful photo of Chris, Chas, Ria, Reina and Mrs. Nazak as a Christmas gift this year. They are residents and visitors of the Amsta Flesseman residential care group opposite our office.

We asked the Woonzorggroep with which gift we could make them happy. Our suggestion was a chill massage chair. But these cheerful swingers much preferred a bluetooth speaker and a party. So they get that. From us and in a way also from our customers. We hope it will make them as happy as it makes us.

In this way we also wish you as a follower, fan or reader who happens to read this happy wishes and a wonderful New Year! ๐ŸŽ‰