Fast, searchable but above all accessible

Do you already make use of Voice technology? Or are you not convinced yet of the advantages? At GRRR, we experience the huge advantages that Voice is having on people with disabilities. And we have some big fan Voice-colleagues. Our tech chief David is able to switch on every machine in his house with his voice 🕹️.

GRRR sites easy to find through Voice interfaces

When we look at the analytics of our website, we see a trend: they are easy to find in Voice interfaces. Also the websites we do not specifically design for Voice. Why are our websites easily findable by Voice Assistants as Google Home, Siri and Alexa? The reason behind it is pretty straight forward, though a nice surprise. In the design and development process of our websites and other digital products, we pay special attention to:

  • Degree of speed
  • Findability
  • And above all: Accessibility

Apart from our own monitoring, we check our products externally on those topics.

Why are our websites so easy to find by Voice Assistants as Google Home, Siri and Alexa?

Voice ♥️ Accessibility

GRRR developed for three ministries, RIVM and VeiligheidNL the website An online platform where everyone can obtain information about dangerous chemicals in everyday use products. A thorough investigation done by research agency mediaxplain shows that the website is easily accessible for different devices, and that the information on the website is easy to find. Through search engines, and Voice interfaces. Apparently, designing with a strong focus on accessibility in general makes sure your website is also one of the first hits in search engines optimised for Voice.

How exactly?

When designing with a strong focus on accessibility, you pay special attention to structuring the HTML code. This means designing according to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), standards of W3C. For the record, there are more SEO tricks to rank high on Voice interfaces, but designing with a strong focus on accessibility results in both.

We like this new correlation. It’s cool to see that a new website, still in the pilot phase (Waarzitwatin), is already doing better in search commands than big organizations like Wikipedia. Optimizing for accessibility means optimizing for Voice.

Great news

Voice is a great solution to people with visual impairment. And this is a big group of people. Worldwide there are 285 million people experiencing any form of visual impairment and in the Netherlands 380.000 by 2020. Improved Voice driven accessibility contributes to the life of lots of people, and is a big market. The faster this market will develop, the faster the technology will improve. Great news for them!

According to research recently done by Microsoft, Voice is progressing:

  • 45% of the respondents has a smart speaker.
  • 42% of the respondents owns even more than two.
  • In the USA, 20% of the search commands is done by voice search. Expectation is that more continents will soon follow the same path.
  • 71% of the smart speaker owners in the USA, prefers to give a search command by voice rather than by keyboard or screen.

So Voice is definitely gaining popularity.

Also interested in an easy to find and Voice proof website?

Do you want to know more about creating an accessible website? Read this (highly accessible) article written by our front-end developer Michèle at Frankwatching. Or give a call (020-320 7708) to or mail Naomi van Stelten to further discuss the opportunities of digital accessibility.