Our brand strategist Roel Stavorinus writes a series of articles exclusively for MarketingTribune and BNO about the relationship between marketers and designers. For MarketingTribune he focuses on the marketer and for the BNO (the Dutch Association for Design Professionals)on the designer.

In part three of this series he elaborates on the tension that often exists between strategy and execution. Each article is also provided by Roel with an interview that is related to the topic he is dealing with. This time he spoke with Peter Kentie, who as director of Eindhoven365 is responsible for the city marketing organisation of Eindhoven. A case that Roel previously published about.

Strategy as a neglected child

Roel points out that strategy is still too treated like the often a neglected child (a Dutch saying we’re not sure also works in English, but we use it anyway). And mentions Michael Porter who came to the harrowing conclusion years ago that most companies have no strategy. And if they do have a strategy, that strategy is often about being “the best”. He argued at a conference that companies should look for a distinctive character that is relevant to their target groups. Preferably a distinction that leads to preference among the same target groups and a distinction that competitors cannot offer.

Things you'll want to know

In his article, Roel answers a number of frequently asked questions when it comes to the cooperation between customers and their agencies and between marketers and designers. For example:

  • When better to hire a performer than a strategist?
  • What do clients miss most at a creative agency? and;
  • What can you strategically expect from your creative partner?

Read the entire article by Roel Stavorinus on the Marketing Tribune website.

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