In search of future proof corporations

Today, traditional corporations founded in previous centuries find themselves in a whole new world. Struggling to keep up in the face of digitisation, increased competition, and ecological and social challenges, they tend to rely on methods that have worked in the past. To achieve sustained success in the 21st century, however, they will need to adopt new holistic, multi-stakeholder ways of working.

But what exactly does that mean? What actions do they need to take to achieve this? Driven by personal curiosity and extensive experience working inside corporations, Geleyn Meijer, Ruurd Priester and Artemus Nicholson embarked on a journey to determine exactly what corporations need to do to become innovative and meaningful again in these turbulent, dynamic times. GRRR is Digital Society School’s partner for design and digital, and thus also designed this book.

The book will be launched March 22nd at StudioHvA, Wibautstraat 2-4, Amsterdam. To join the launch, click here for more info.