Grrr en Ye! Community openen Beursplein 5 de Amsterdamse Effectenbeurs

Grrr and Ye! Community

Grrr and Ye! Community opened the Amsterdam Stock Exchange on August 30th.Ye! Community is an initiative set up to combat youth unemployment worldwide. The organisation was founded by social entrepreneur and well-known serial entrepreneurJeroo Billimoria. Billimoria’s specialty is the scaling up of NGOs, as she has done with great success for Child and Youth Finance International (CYFI). An organisation that acts as a sparring partner for governments, the United Nations and the G20 summit when it comes to young people’s economic development.

The sounding of the gong is the ceremonial opening of the trading day on the stock exchange. A tradition that has been swept away from the United States.

Ye! Community

New step in longterm cooperation

Ye! Community helps young entrepreneurs in emerging markets to start up their business. Young Entrepreneurs Become get linked to coaches such as accountants, strategy consultants, marketing experts, HR specialists, lawyers, bankers and investors from all over the world. The service ensures that these professionals reserve room in their agendas to help young entrepreneurs across the globe. Ye! Community also brings entrepreneursin contact with investors and helps countries to prevent corruption.

Furthermore, the platform also has a social function, young entrepreneurs come into contact with each other to share experiences, exchange tips, and possibly collaborate.

To help with the latter and to promote cross-pollination, we added a stream to the website that allows young entrepreneurs to show what they’re doing, what they’ve discovered or what they’re looking for. The stream is multi-lingual and works perfectly for both left to right and right to the left, which is needed to make this stream available to Arab writing users.

Due to the launch of this new functionality, Grrr and Ye! Community on August 30th to beat the gong that opens the opening of the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.


Related projects

Grrr is happy to help companies seeking solutions for strategic issues. We work from a Design Thinking approach and often according to the Service Design method. These are two concepts that are not known to everyone; It’s up to us to look into problems from the end-users perspective and to do thorough research.

Thus, we designed Kandoor, a self learning online platform for pension advise, we helped Fastned to set up a completely new service in the mobility market and we now work on behalf of various government agencies to provide a service that informs Dutch about hazardous substances around the house.

For more information on Design Thinking and Service Design possibilities, please contact Jelmer Boomsma.