"We challenge design talents to create the future-proof Lowlands tent"

Which ArchiTent shines on Lowlands 2019? The jury of the ArchiTenten Challenge will be puzzling over this question the next coming weeks. The competition is an initiative of GRRR, Lowlands and BNA (Trade association of Dutch Architects). The idea is interesting; design talents are given the opportunity to design their own tent, and the tent of the winner will be actually produced by Karsten. “We challenge design talents to design the Lowlands tent of the future. As a member of the jury, I will specifically pay attention to the innovativeness of the tent and the sustainability of the design and material. But also if it fits Lowlands as a festival and the specific needs visitors have”, Jelmer Boomsma.

Besides Jelmer Boomsma of GRRR, the jury members are Ronald Schleurholts (Cepezed), Eric van Eerdenburg (directeur Lowlands), Dre Wapenaar (tentkunstenaar), Marc Takken (Karsten Tenten) and Fred Schoorl (directeur BNA).

More information on: architentenchallenge.nl.