French design students

Grrr is always looking for (international) talents. Especially, the talents from France stand out. We recently welcomed the third Frenchman in our team. Besides that, we like to share our knowledge. Yearly, our Senior Designer Joséphine Cambier lectures a branding and design workshop at the ECV Creative Schools & Community, a school Grrr has a good connection with. Students, who almost finished their education, came together to work on a challenging assignment for five days.

The design we did for the Melkweg played a central role in this years assignment. The students were divided in six teams, each with their own music genre: dance, hiphop, heavy, indy, reggae or pop. They designed a campaign page for the music fans of each genre, starting with interesting mood boards. On the second day, they had to come up with a conceptual and functional design in order to create a wireframe. After which, the visual aspects were added. Finally, they had to develop and present their prototypes. The results were surprising. You can judge it yourself.