As maker of a popular children tv programme, you want a pixel perfect and attractive website. But you also have to cope with the new laws, especially whilst dealing with children.

You break your head about how your kids get and keep on your website in 2018. You want a tight website that works super smoothly and that children are just as fan of as the series.

And since May you have the new GDPR law that you need to take into account: you think online safety matters. You do not want children to get lost on YouTube with images that they do not sleep for weeks and you absolutely do not want them to see.

How to solve this?

The KRO-NCRV also struggled with this question. And had three important questions:

  • How do you ensure that the website of SpangaS remains popular with the target group of 9 – 12.
  • How do we ensure that viewers receive interesting and valuable content that exactly matches the moment they are in.
  • How do we make the website safe for young children?


SpangaS is close to the experiences of children, also online. So it makes sense to bet on Instagram and YouTube. But with the new privacy rules, kids under 13 are officially not allowed to be on those platforms. Moreover, children can quickly encounter videos on Youtube not suitable for their age. As a public broadcaster, with a program for children, this is a difficult dilemma. You can not ignore it, but you prefer to keep the fans on your own site.

Naomi van Stelten from Grrr: “children want social media because the cool content is there. But there is also a lot of noise and you have privacy rules. Our solution looks like the mature alternative but has no login, spam and privacy sensitive cookies. But all content from TV, Instagram and YouTube.”

The new SpangaS website is now the place where children can follow and find everything.

  • They feel with Otis’ struggles over his sexual preference.
  • They do not have to go to Instagram to see how Filiz struggles with how strict you should be as a Muslim, but find that in a well-organised stream there.
  • And they can follow closely how Jip wants to know how it is with his adoption.

And much more of course.

Empathize and react

On the timeline, characters from the series, together with their fans, look ahead to what is to come.

You also see that Jip is very much in love with Maud?

Be involved in the story.

Would you like to work for the school newspaper?

And do quizzes and tests.

How do you deal with anger?

How to keep high visitor rates

In order to ensure that many children continue to visit the SpangaS site, we ensure that children get exactly the content that suits the moment of the day.

In the early morning around 8:30 a post that takes 6 or 7 minutes to watch does not make much sense.

Now that is different: during the school breaks, we post statements that invite kids to discuss about and on Wednesday afternoon, when they are free from school, there could be a longer video with which fans can learn  the same dance that Otis’ practiced with Mia.

🏆 Winning! 🎉

This project won the SpinAward for Best Website of 2019. Together with our client, broadcasting agency KRO-NCRV we are very thrilled to win this award because we competed with a very high quality competitors such as KLM, Hertog Jan and the Municipality of Amsterdam.

Interesting for you?

A first step you could take yourself is this with your team:

What does the week of your target group look like? What is he doing on Sunday morning 9 o’clock? Monday afternoon quarter to 3? Thursday night half past 8?

If you want to get started with this, please contact Naomi van Stelten: or 020 – 320 7708.

  • Naomi van Stelten
    Director of Operations

    Naomi van Stelten