1,5 meter survival kit

Four = one and half

How to go back to business as an architectural firm in the 1.5 meter society? How to welcome customers, suppliers and employees back in your workspace? The Dutch Association of Architectural Firms (in Dutch: Branchevereniging Nederlandse Architectenbureaus or BNA) wanted to advise its members on this challenge.

That is why we developed the digital 1.5 meter survival kit together with BNA. We also designed signage so that BNA can safely and responsibly receive guests in its office at Amsterdam’s Jollemanhof.


How to make a obligation fun

You will have noticed that we are expected to work with the 1.5 meter rule for some time to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. VNO-NCW has taken the lead in drawing up and bundling protocols and guidelines with which branches and sectors can get back to work.

Architectural firms must comply with the Office Workers Protocol. Of course the importance of these measures is beyond dispute. But fair is fair: this initially sounds a bit more like an obligation than like a super fun creative project.

Fortunately, BNA is a very fresh industry association that likes innovation. For example, we previously hosted an area at Lowlands with BNA with the BNA Architenten Challenge.


Coronaproof and creative

Because corona proof measures can also, or rather, be interpreted in a fresh and creative way, we created expressions that provide the correct information and at the same time make a nod to the architecture profession.

Specifically, this resulted in:

  • Walkway signing for the head office
  • Digital means of communication
  • Digital 1.5 meter survival kit

Do you also need a creative interpretation for a serious issue? Please contact Jim Driesen on 020 – 32 077 08.

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