Thought For Food: The 2020 challenge finale

The UN, Google, Danone and the 10 most promising agritech startups

Making an event about agriculture relevant to world-class sponsors like the UN, Google and Danone. Ensure that the very best agritech startups participate in your global challenge and set up a kick-ass event in corona time.

How do you do that?

Well, like this. As a permanent digital and design partner of Thought For Food (TFF), GRRR is involved in the organization of Thought For Food: The 2020 challenge final. With the use of sharp communication tools and by making the event itself a cinematic and interactive experience, TFF ensures that an event can be memorable even in this time.

And with effect. With speakers from Google, Danone and the UN and sponsors such as NASA, NFL, and the Rockefeller Foundation, the TFF will certainly succeed in creating something special.

What can you expect?

A live broadcast with the pitches of the 10 most promising startups from the agricultural sector worldwide. Each of them has taken on the challenge of turning the most daring ideas into an impactful company. How well can you be doing.

The entrepreneurs focus on important challenges within the agricultural sector. From food waste to famine and from climate change to plastic waste. They do this by using technologies such as biotech, artificial intelligence, robotics and blockchain. But also by applying the principle of a circular economy in the business models.

Do you happen to know any agritech companies? Then we have the tip of the week for them. You can still register for the show via the TFF website.