Versatile person and back-end developer, with serious moves.

Han strengthens our team as a back-end developer. And as a versatile person. Because that’s Han for sure. Trained as a psychobiologist at the UvA, he initially studied human behaviour through brain processes. Until he was taught by a choreographer during an honours program. Which he found totally awesome. He was passionate about this dance thing, that he switched from learning about brain processes to doing dance lessons. Serious dance lessons. He got himself into Contemporary Dance at the Royal Conservatory in Antwerp. BAM!

From psychobiologist to dancer to backend developer

And now I hear you thinking: how do you end up as a backend developer at GRRR? After he stopped dancing because of an injury, he started an art project in which he disconnected form and body in dance.

To do that, he took measurements using muscle sensors from a stationary body. From these sensors, projections were then made on a screen. Sounds complicated? That’s what it is. And you have to be able to program to pull it off. So voilà: this is where his love for programming came about.

About that versatility we did not lie, did we 😉

Han laid his foundation as a backend developer at the Codaisseur bootcamp where he learned JavaScript, React, Node.js and CSS3. To then gain experience as a PHP developer at e-learning platform Dedact.

Now he is sitting with a big smile at his desk at GRRR. Why? “Because I can work here in one of the most beautiful offices in the Netherlands on meaningful matters in a top team of techies and designers,” says Han. He is currently working on the subsidy portal of the Municipality of Amsterdam.

We can be brief about his surname. Yes, he likes cheese (Kortekaas in Dutch literally means short-cheese). And no, his father is not a cheese farmer but a baker. Incidentally, Han himself is gluten-intolerant. So the sentence never gets high on your own supply applies to him.