Natalia is our brand new design intern. She is currently studying for her final year of Communication and Multimedia Design (CMD) at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam. Previously, she worked at BeastAgency as a front-end developer but missed the design part too much. Lucky us! 😉

Natalia loves illustrations and gets inspired by cartoons like Adventure Time and Steven Universe. She designed her own card game, and explains you why peppers are so spicy in her peperboekje. But she is also very interested in digital design, UX and social challenges. She co-created a website that informs the society on how to help the International Criminal Court. So her interests seem to match really well with our focus on working for meaningful matters.


Besides these ‘professional’ hobbies, she enjoys plants, cats and dancing (in her bedroom). Exactly, who doesn’t?! Natalia choose GRRR because she wanted a creative agency that had no limits and restrictions. Because of our clients and brutal design attitude, she thought we could offer this creative freedom she was looking for.

Our limitless stroopwafel stash came as a lovely surprise. She is addicted to cookies and enjoys a stroopwafel every day, just like Jelmer. Right now, she definitely feels at home and is working on projects for our clients such as BNA (Dutch Association of Architects).

Glad to have you in our team Natalia 🎉 .