Motion Design internship at GRRR 🥖

Meet Victor our super model eh... super motion designer from France

Hi there 👋,

Meet Victor. Our super talented motion design intern from France. Victor is currently doing his Master’s Degree of Artistic Direction in Graphic Design in Paris. He specialises in motion design. Let’s ask Victor to introduce himself, Victor can you introduce yourself?

“Hi folks, sure I can! As a designer, I want to bring life to design projects with animation. I like animals documentary, mayonnaise, coconuts, drink beers with friends, mangas, ALL types of music except french rap (which is weird because I’m French), I don’t like Paris (it’s overrated), I love Bordeaux (it’s underrated), I’m not enough good in English (maybe I should have watched more series on Netflix), I measure 1,90m (I think). I don’t have a lot of fun facts about me except drunk facts…”

Fun fact

Our Victor is more handsome then your Victor

Ok. Thanks Victor, then we’ll find our own fun fact: If your google his name ‘Victor Gueguen’, you also find Victor Gueguen, the French male super model. We think our Victor is way more handsome. And also has more style. What do you think?

By the way, check out his website…eh… website for more info 😉

p.s. Victor also has a rather cool instagram account on which he is currently working on a daily design challenge. Check it out!