Project manager that loves digital. And oldies.

Gerben is trained at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam. Studying Communication and Multimedia Design, which was back then called Interactive Media.  After a few years of work experience in the digital and creative sector, he founded STATE OF_: an agency that develops digital and interactive applications. Not bad at the age of 24 😎.

Gerben offers our customers the service they need with his unique skill set. He has produced many things that he now organises himself. Hands on experience: checkΒ βœ…. He started his career as a content producer with public broadcaster NTR (including Klokhuis, Andere Tijden and Nieuwsuur). And then worked as a producer at international digital agencies such as MediaMonks and Resn.

Oldies ❀️

Gerben is a big plus to our agency. But a big minus to our office playlists. Gerben’s preference for what he himself calls ‘old man’s music’ goes far. Very far. Even to the Baja Marimba band. Ok, admittedly. These tunes may very slowly start to become a guilty pleasure for the rest of us.

🎡 tatataratata hemspa hemspa papapa 🎡

p.s. he likes dad jokes. And he even has an app for that πŸ₯.