Recipe for the future

At Grrr, we work human-oriented; we help our customers looking through their customers’ eyes. Questions customers deal with are for example: How does my service remain relevant in an increasingly digitalized world? And how can we bind a specific segment of the market?

Practice what you preach

If you ought to solve this kind of strategic issue for clients, your own strategy needs to be agreed upon. That’s why we gathered the entire team and spend our day in span> Mediamatic . We collaborated with span> Cornelis Serveert according to the Grrr method; a dedicated way of working, and set our goals for the coming year.

The Grrr-dream

During the last part of the workshop, everyone wrote his or her Grrr dream, after which it was placed on a timeline. By 2018, it is possible to work remote, Grrr owns more start-up products and organizes hackathons, and there is a lab with digital toys. In the meantime, the Dream Project Lottery is a fact and in 2020 you could buy a ticket for the first Grrr festival. Does this sound good? Come and work with us!