Have your cake and eat it too

Do you have a favourite logo? I bet you do. I also bet you don’t have one super favourite. Of course not you have more. Hard to pick only one, right? This goes even more for designers. And even more Dutch designers. Because we Dutch are known for being modest. So picking a logo you designed yourself is out of the question. Th

Writer and brand strategist Roel Stavorinus understands this too. That is why, contrary to the proverb, he let a niche selection of Dutch designers and creatives choose two logos. One of their own hand and another. And bundled them into his latest publication Logo x Logo.

Appetite for design

Who ever reads a book filled with logos. Well, quite a lot of folks actually. It appears you don’t need to have an appetite for design to crave this book.

Logo x Logo is going like a rocket. A book presentation in Pakhuis de Zwijger organised by the Wim Crouwel Institute, a special item a design magazine and the book is available in every kiosk and bookshop. Not bad for a piece of specialised literature.

The Dutch go to magazine for marketing and design, Marketing Tribune, is also a great fan of logos. The reason is obvious: it is perfect

Marketing Tribune is ook fan is van logo’s. Want het is natuurlijk perfect subject for discussion.

What is your favourite?

Is a logo the most important brand asset?

Which logo has impact and why?

Due to the great enthusiasm about the Logo x Logo book, Marketing Tribune even starts a new item in its magazine. Named… yes, Logo x Logo. The item uses the same setup as the book. Selected designers pick two logos to discuss, one of their own making and another one.

Rolf's favourites

Our Creative Director Rolf Coppens had the honour to kick off the new logo item in Marketing Tribune. He chose the logos of Filmhuis Den Haag (The Hague Art House Theatre), designed by Grrr and the logo of Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, designed in 2012 by Mevis & Van Deursen.


Do you totally agree or disagree with Rolf about his logo pick? Or are you in need of some logo help yourself?

Mail or call  +3120 -320 7708 Rolf Coppens. He knows quite of few things on the matter. And if he can’t help you, he will surely know someone who can.

p.s. someone like Jeroen Disch for instance. Our chief designer who actually designed the Filmhuis Den Haag logo 😉

p.p.s. whether Jeroen bribed Rolf with stroopwafels to pick the Filmhuis Den Haag logo is not yet clear. Our internal bookkeeper says that chance is 65% at this moment.


  • Rolf Coppens
    Creatief Directeur

    Rolf Coppens