Open evening of the Amsterdam creative industry

GRRR participated in Adnight for the third year in a row. On this evening, Amsterdam’s creative companies open their doors to everyone working in the creative industry and everyone interested in it. Museumnight for the creative industry you could say. We always present GRRR with a combination of content, action and rock-hard fun.

Meaningful / Meaningless

This year our theme was ‘A meaningful / less night at GRRR’. At the entrance you were welcomed on our now traditional red carpet. Where our doorbitches (excuse le mot) asked you what you were up for: a sensible or a nonsensical evening?

Fortunately both sense and nonsense was programmed. We listened to substantive keynotes from our creative director Rolf Coppens, our head of tech David Spreekmeester and Arno van Herwijnen told us about his mission to brew beer from rainwater. Of course there was plenty of his Rainbeer to taste. We also fired on sensible and nonsensical things in our indoor paintball shooting range, we blared loudly with the karaoke and you could hack our website live.

For everyone who was there: thanks for your presence! For everyone who was not there: you really missed something;)

See you next year! Oh yes, luckily we still have the pictures.