Logo x Logo - Designers and their favourites

Logo x Logo is the latest publication of Grrr brand strategist Roel Stavorinus. And yes, it’s about logo’s. It also raises the question if in this digital age, we demand other things from logo’s and branding as we used to.

In making Logo x Logo, Roel has set base with numerous designers and asked them to submit only two logo’s; a tough question for many. Because which ones do you choose and why?

Grrr creative director Rolf Coppens is featured in the book as well. He picked the Filmhuis Den Haag logo and the logo of Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. As shown below, he even managed to get some extra space in the book to show the dynamic application of the Filmhuis Den Haag logo. In its broad and open source application, this logo formed the basis for the Filmhuis Den Haag branding which made a big impact on the organisation. As Filmhuis Den Haag chief marketeer Josien Buijs states: “This logo and branding changed our mindset and way of working.”

“It takes guts to pitch a logo like this"

The other logo chosen by Rolf is the one of Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. A logo much criticised for its simplicity. The exact aspect fans like Rolf point out as its strength. “It takes guts to pitch a logo like this to an institute like Stedelijk” says Rolf. As you see, when it comes to logos there’s always enough food for discussion. Interested in joining the logo discussion?

The book will be launched and discussed in Pakhuis de Zwijger on November 15th at 20.00 at the ‘It’s all graphic’ event, co-hosted by the Wim Crouwel Instituut.

More info on the event and reservations here (pay as you like policy).