And we are very happy with that

The word is out, GRRR is now B Corp. And that makes us the first creative digital agency in the Benelux with this certification. We are quite proud of that. Because what is a nicer recognition for your work as an agency for Meaningful Matters… 😉

Be what? B Corp

The B Corp certification is an independent international quality mark for companies that focus on profit, people, the environment and society. In short; companies that think beyond their own wallets. To earn the quality mark, your company goes through a strict assessment that is repeated every three years. Based on this assessment, you will receive an overall score that will be made public. So that everyone can see how well you are really doing. So no one-time actions anymore.

Continuing the trend

As first digital agency in the Benelux with this certificate, we want to convince the rest of the Dutch creative and tech scene to join aswel. The Netherlands is currently still lag behind, but things can go fast now; WeTransfer has just become B Corp and has a special B Corp section. We are happy to contribute to continue this trend.

Also become a B Corp?

We are happy to assist other companies with the certification process to become a B Corp. The bigger we make this movement together, the greater the impact dor Meaningful Matters. Contact Jim Driesen at or call 020- 32 077 08. And if you want to know what our reason is to become a B Corp and what our internal impact is? Take a look at our B Corp page.


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    Jim Driesen