How to create a design for a design program? That was the challenge we faced when asked to create a corporate identity for the Communication and Multimedia Design (CMD) course at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. We developed an open and flexible visual language which gives the program a unique appearance that everyone can work with.


Icons as building blocks of a visual language

The Communication and Multimedia Design (CMD) program at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences trains students to become an interaction designer, visual interface designer or front-end developer. We have depicted the CMD culture in a series of icons centered around creativity, digital tools, geeks, student life, technology and the internet. A visual language was deliberately chosen over a logo to make the style applicable within the existing HvA house style.

The designed icons can be stacked into totems, each of which have their own meaning. We have also combined the icons in photography and thus created small stories that showcase different facets of the CMD program.

Please do touch!

We tried to involve the CMD students as much as possible in the photography, in designing the icons and in spreading the style using stickers, tape and shirts. The visual language became the talk of the town within the program and was widely picked up by the students.

Student recruitment campaign

What kind of digital creative are you?

As a campaign to recruit new students, we launched, an online quiz that allows future students to see what type of CMD student they are. By¬†answering eight multiple-choice questions, they could find out whether they’re a Dreamcatcher, Visualizer, Fixer or Chief.

The interactive form of a quiz makes it highly suitable for sharing on social media, which happened a lot. With a mix of banners, partnerships and influencer marketing, we managed to achieve a huge reach among this target group. In collaboration with Rory van der Kolk / Team Rory.

Results of the campaign

  • 163.307

    unique visitors

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  • 604

    social shares

  • 952.339