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Pension fund wants pension app! It became a self-learning online platform where 800,000 people can get free financial advice. Free? Well of course, because you might not even know exactly what it is you would like to know. Kandoor assists in focusing your question. Experts volunteer to give you a 1-on-1 answer.

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Accessible and casual, that’s the atmosphere of Kandoor. A short video explains what Kandoor is and what it can do for you.

Our approach

Design Thinking

We applied Design Thinking to this project. Solving problems in a creative way through a combination of empathy, creativity and rationality, that is what Design Thinking is. Because we like to view our customers as our partners, we work closely together with them: to discover, focus, research, test and improve. The result is a hi-tech solution designed for people.


Innovation, not by spreadsheets and models, but by focusing on the users. Our Board of Directors has only just returned from the United States and we can rightly say: Grrr gives us the real 'Silicon Valley-feel'

Chief Investment Officer, Pension fund

No need to worry about your pension

Retirement is like that closet that you prefer not to open, because it is too cluttered. When you finally do decide to clean it out, it turns out not to be as bad as you thought. Many people discover, after some relatively simple answers to their questions, that there is no reason for them to worry about their pension. That’s exactly why we made Kandoor.

User survey

What does the user actually want?

As a fund that manages 30% of all Dutch pensions, one thing is easy: you step out on the streets and you will have a 30% chance of speaking to your users. No sooner said than done! We kept hearing the same story over and over: Advice, yes please! Paid advice, no thank you! Many people do worry or have questions about their pensions but:

  • websites tend to provide one-sided information
  • financial advisers are not independent
  • many people do not know experts themselves
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Gamechanger: free advice for everybody

70% of the Dutch population are not or hardly concerned with their pension but do have a somewhat uneasy feeling. Fortunately, 30% seem to be actively concerned with their pension and willing to help others. Before they would help only their acquaintances but now, through Kandoor, they can help anyone who asks. Pension is never a stand-alone issue, most of the time users require more general financial advice. At Kandoor you can get:

  • Assistance with all financial questions on one platform
  • Free 1-on-1 contact with an expert to help you get started
  • Attention for your personal situation

Future-proof and scalable

A clear focus on the users with the right blend of strategy, technology and design, that is what Grrr stands for. With Kandoor, our approach quickly led to a radically different concept than they initially had in mind. We discovered the underlying wish of the pension fund: to get to know their users. And made the fund 21st-century-proof: so that, when the time comes for an open competition between pension funds, this particular fund will be ahead of the competition.