The Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit organisation with a mission to develop advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. Developing entirely new technology is not a straight line to success, and The Ocean Cleanup works according to the mantra; build, break, learn and repeat, to get to proven technology as quickly as possible. This technological focus is a core part of their branding and is permeating every element of the website.

GRRR and The Ocean Cleanup are partnering on communications and digital products since 2016. We have set up the website in a way it is appealing to both donors and engineers. Furthermore we cater to the large global network of supporters to feel committed and encouraged to join.

Keeping three specific audiences engaged

The Ocean Cleanup website plays a crucial part in keeping their followers and fans up to date and engaged in their progress. It informs and engages on multiple levels. First of all it caters to big investors for the much needed funding. Whilst the wider audience is served with the latest news, quick updates and ways to support. Furthermore the website is the biggest source of scientific information on the plastic soup worldwide, but also helps kids doing their show-and-tell.

  • Attract millions in funding
  • Engage a global audience of supporters
  • Onboard highly skilled technical staff


Attracting funds, high skilled workers and fans to achieve a global cleanup

This website…

.. Is the main communication tool to attract funding. The Ocean Cleanup has raised over 35 million EUR to date, which has enabled them to grow the team of engineers, and researcher, to bring their technology forward (Fundraising )

..Helps The Ocean Cleanup to grow their team of highly skilled professionals. The team grew has grown to roughly 90 since the organization’s infancy (Talent acquisition)

..communicates with many stakeholders; general supporters, partner, funders, media, applicants, scientists, etc. The website needs to cater the needs of all of these, in-line with the branding of The Ocean Cleanup (Provides detailed and comprehensible information to all stakeholders )

..must always be up, especially on special moments. On critical moments, such as the 2019  launch of The Interceptor: the only  globally scalable solution for cleaning river plastics, the website became a real-time data dashboard. All this content is backed by a solid technical framework that can handle the peaks in worldwide media attention.


Microservices and Serverless architecture

An elegant and sustainable tech setup

Instead of the traditional and still much used single web server setup, The Ocean Cleanup’s website is run on a serverless web architecture using microservices. This setup could serve very well in making websites with a lower carbon footprint. If you care to better understand the infographic below that explains this, read this article by our tech department.

The ocean cleanup best reviews
UX, UI & Data visualisation

Presenting your NGO like Steve Jobs

The Ocean Cleanup uses state of the art technologies and does a lot of scientific research. Keeping their audiences engaged in their progress is key to maintain support and get the job done. We do that in multiple ways;

  • Web: infographics, webpages, interactive tools, design, UX, UI
  • Events: signage, communication, support
  • Media outreach

Some highlights on the cooperation between GRRR and The Ocean Cleanup since 2016 are:

The whole story:
Discover the Interceptor™:
Discover the ocean technology:
Explore the most polluting rivers:
Learn about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Take ocean cleaning into your own hands:


Of course we are aware that this project would also have thrived without our assistance. Our focus in this project aims at improving communication, digital design and digital technology. Of course, we did not take the pictures of test balloons and test sets ourselves. Erwin Zwart created the animations and simulations (‘artist impressions’), the TEDx video was made by TEDx Delft, the videos of the North Sea test by Boskalis and the Ministry of I&M (Infrastructure and environment). All other videos are made by The Ocean Cleanup.

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