Connecting people

Design Thinking approach

Ye! Community is an initiative set up to combat youth unemployment worldwide. It is a community that brings together young entrepreneurs with coaches, advise and each other. GRRR was affiliated from the very start with this new initiative from the well-known entrepreneur Jeroo Billimoria, who’s specialty it is to scale up NGOs. She has for instance, with great succes done this  for Child and Youth Finance International (CYFI). An organisation that acts as a sparring partner for governments, the United Nations and the G20 summit, when it comes to young people’s economic development.


Service Design

GRRR led various strategy sessions using a Design Thinking approach, and assisted in an extensive research phase in which we went iterated on several different ways to setup this service. We connected with (potential) end users around the world to test and develop ideas. From this base we were able to built the service and the brand using Service Design principles. The brand is meant to represent connection and movement. We made their own font, icon language and more. We continue our work for Ye! Community throughout the years, having recently implemented a new functionality to their website. To celebrate that fact we got to open the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.


Ye Community logo

Design research

We interviewed young entrepreneurs in various African and Asian countries. These interviews helped us to strengthen and prioritize the ideas of the client. Thus we have removed a complex component intended end users hardly needed and we were able to turn the extra available time into valuable functionality.


Mobile first

Mobile phones are the dominant and most widely used means of internet access in developing countries. Research also found that a stable internet connection is less evident than we are used to and that exotic browsers are widely used in exotic locations.

That is why we developed YE! primarily for smartphones. An additional advantage is that the end result becomes simpler, because the small screen forces reduced functionalities.

Screenshot Ye Community homepage

Global scope

Ye! Community is an international network that aims to offer its services to people all over the world. The website is therefore offered to users in English and Arabic. Grrr took care of the design and development of this multilingual functionality. A website with Arabic script also requires the necessary adjustments in design because the writing goes from right to left.

Together we stand strong

Ye! community grows, and as they grow, they are given space to grow internally for continued development.

Their internal web developers are allowed to make adjustments themselves and develop features. We take care of quality control, code review and ensure the direction we chose 3 years ago.

A pleasant collaboration that makes both parties more flexible.

Screenshot Ye Community coaching pagina