We love to simplify things. In doing so, we frequently use infographics. An infographic is a visual representation of data in the form of a graph, diagram or illustration. Because an image sometimes says more than a thousand words, infographics can be a good solution to communicate complex data to a wide audience.

Below we present some examples of our infographics.


The national cooperation of libraries does a lot of research on the public’s perception. This results in extensive, thick reports of which we make a visual summary. This enables staff and stakeholders to be easily informed about the lessons learned.

Praxis Construction Supplies

A similar translation of research data we did for Praxis. Every Praxis location got its own poster with research data.

Municipality of Amsterdam

For the Municipality of Amsterdam we introduce infographics to make information about schools inscribed as part of the Schoolwijzer project.

In collaboration with Hendrik-Jan Grievink.