How we ensure that visitors stay longer on a website these days

Cultural venue Melkweg aims to inspire visitors to discover new acts. It’s our job to ensure that visitors are inspired to spend a long time on the website.

We created a homepage that presents the diversity of the program in an associative manner. There is no differentiation between ‘big’ and ‘small’ artists, and the overview dynamically refreshes, offering something new with each visit. Utilizing loops, similar to the short videos found on Spotify, we entice visitors to discover and explore unfamiliar acts.

And perhaps less conspicuous but equally important for its success: with new, yet proven technologies, we offer a superb user experience with smooth and fast transitions between different pages. It was quite a technical challenge considering Melkweg’s impressive 30,000 pages. This lightning-fast site benefits not only the visitors but also the Melkweg’s marketing team, as deploying a page now takes minutes instead of hours. It’s quick and sustainable.