Why our Museum Night strategy from 2006 is still in use

How do you get young people to visit museums? In 2006, the Amsterdam Museum Night asked us for a campaign that had to ensure a sold-out event and with the ambition to lower the average age of the visitors.

We developed a strategy that is still used today. We turned the huge program into an interactive guide that playfully helped you where to start. This made it easy to design your own route and share it on social media. And we let young people actively contribute. Including through design competitions for young creatives and through the use of influencers (whom we called ambassadors at the time 😉). Sounds like a logical strategy, doesn’t it? But that was still pretty new in 2006.

And it worked. In the years that we were responsible for the Museum Night campaigns – from 2006 to 2012 – the event was sold out every year and the average age fell from 37 to 26 years.