Filmhuis Den Haag

Film as the basis for an online experience and a versatile identity

Film is at the heart of the new branding and website of Filmhuis The Hague, the most prominent stage for film in The Hague. Film is featured prominently on the cinematic website, with maximum space for imagery. The logo consists of an F, because the F stands for Film!

The rebranding stimulates the organization. We now have a different mindset and way of working.
Josien Buijs, Head of Marketing and Communication Arthouse theatre The Hague

Dynamic branding

The base of the branding is the logo, and the logo is an F. The F stands for film, but it’s also visually simple so that everyone can create their own version. We like to do that ourselves, with special F’s for a Hitchcock festival, a children’s F or a cake and pastry F for the restaurant. But others can also go ahead and create their own F.

Please do touch

We have collaborated with art academies for animated and illustrated versions of the F. In addition, we go to The Hague’s neighborhoods, looking for new versions of the F, made by schoolchildren, knitting mothers and gardening fathers. It underlines the idea that Filmhuis The Hague wants to speak to everyone.

The starting point of the new branding was to open up more to the city and our visitors (the F is for everyone). We have literally opened up (we open daily at 9 o'clock) and we have opened up some of our programming (specific groups can compile their favorite film program themselves).
Josien Buijs, Head of Marketing and Communication Arthouse theatre The Hague

The branding comes alive in the cinema. This trailer will be shown before each film.

Filmic, also on the web

The website focuses on the film experience, with a main focus on film imagery. That way, we choose a different approach than competitors, who mainly choose dry textual lists. At the back-end of the website, we link data with Active Tickets for ticket sales and connect with narrowcasting screens in the cinema. Content managers have a wide range of rich media elements in the CMS, allowing them to tell their story in the same visual style that has become a feature of the Film House.

Recognizable, remote and close

The identity comes to life in the building. For routing and signing within the property, we conducted a lot of research on how people can move through the property optimally.

Stream in any way

The website breathes movies, that means also being able to actually watch movies. We added links to streaming services like Vimeo and Youtube so everyone can enjoy videos through their favorite player. In addition, there is also ‘Filmthuis’ (Film at home). Filmthuis has its own platform to allow watching new films on-demand at home. Within a few clicks you are watching.

Filmthuis is de online zaal van Filmhuis Den Haag.

Facts in n umbers

  • 10%increase in brand awareness and brand engagement
  • 41steplace in top 50 strongest brands in South Holland (for the first time in top 50)
  • 25%website visit growth