Clean code that every team member can work with

Extra eyes for extra quality with the Code Review method

To guarantee the sustainable operation of the site, it is important that the code is ‘clean’ and that it is written in the style that we as a tech team have agreed upon. By paying attention to this, we can guarantee that every team member can carry out further development in the future and make adjustments to the project with confidence.

We ensure that every line of code is correct through our peer review system. Because the developers check each other’s work, we remove typos, we think together about the scalability of a solution, and we learn from each other.

We want to retain customers with satisfaction, not technical lock-in.
Harmen Janssen, Tech Lead

Open source

Our tech stack – or toolkit – is based on Open Source and Open Standards. Open source is all about collaboration. The source code of the software is freely shared, allowing anyone to test, modify and improve the software. We actively participate in this by releasing open source packages ourselves and fixing errors in the packages of others. In this article we tell more about our approach to open source.