Michèle is nominated for the DIA PRO Award Best in Tech

Digital accessibility is a crucial aspect of modern technologies. It ensures that everyone, regardless of physical or mental limitations, can fully participate in the digital society.

Michèle, our senior frontend developer, is at the forefront of this movement. Her expertise with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), maintaining accessibility at every stage of our process, and conducting internal QuickScans ensure our projects meet the highest standards of accessibility. It is therefore entirely fitting that she is one of the three nominees for the DIA PRO Awards in the ‘Best in Tech’ category.

Accessibility from the starting point

Following the WCAG guidelines is a fundamental basis for creating accessible digital products. However, to truly create inclusive products, it’s crucial to integrate inclusivity right from the very first sketch. This means moving away from the traditional ‘design first, improve later’ mentality and incorporating accessibility into the concept, design, and development phases. With this proactive approach, we can accommodate the needs of all users, regardless of their functional limitations or technical skills.

Want to know more about why digital accessibility really improves when you focus on it as a team? Michèle has written an article about it on our tech blog, ‘Embracing Accessibility as a Team Effort’.

The WCAG Guidelines and the European Accessibility Act

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) set the standard for creating an accessible online experience. These guidelines are currently mandatory for (semi-)governmental institutions, but in 2025, the European Accessibility Act will extend this obligation to the business sector.

Tip! It’s wise to anticipate this now. Several of our clients have already been before you, for example, we have created fully accessible websites for Waarzitwatin and Schoolwijzer. These websites have achieved the WCAG ‘AA’ Status A score.

With over 15 years of experience as a frontend developer, I am fully committed to developing user-friendly and accessible websites. I am convinced that everyone should be able to enjoy the web without barriers.
Michèle van den Aardweg, Sr. Frontend developer

Michèle is Nominated for the DIA Awards 'Best in Tech'

Michèle’s nomination for the DIA PRO Awards in the ‘Best in Tech’ category is for us more than justified. Besides being a prominent voice on our tech blog, where she writes about various aspects of digital accessibility, she also maintains accessibility standards at every step of our process. She also enjoys sharing her knowledge through guest lectures from her expert role.

Her pursuit of deeper knowledge in the field of digital accessibility led her to complete a training program as a WCAG specialist at the Internet Academy. This program offered her the opportunity to further develop her expertise by understanding the nuances of the WCAG guidelines. This training is a perfect preparation for an IAAP WAS certification and also ensures that we can conduct even better internal WCAG QuickScans, thus no longer dependent on the long waiting times of external companies.

Interested in learning more about digital accessibility?

Together with the tech team, Michèle writes articles about accessibility on our tech blog. She has even written an article for Frankwatching offering useful tips for making the web more inclusive: ‘How to Make Your Website Accessible to Everyone’.

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