GRRR joins Handpicked Agencies

Since November 2023, GRRR has become a part of Handpicked Agency, joining a network of digital agencies supporting each other based on their expertise. This network serves 300 employees across 12 agencies, offering a wide range of services from service design and branding to e-commerce, marketing, AI, and AR. Founders Jelmer Boomsma and Rolf Coppens share insights about this move.

GRRR Handpicked Agencies

Why are we taking this step?

We take pride in the long-term relationships we’ve built with many clients. Part of that involves providing comprehensive support across the entire digital spectrum. We’ve successfully done this for 20 years, but to enhance our capabilities, specializing became necessary. By joining a network, we can focus on our specialized role while ensuring clients still receive comprehensive service.

What is an agency group?

An agency group, like Handpicked Agencies, functions as an overarching “parent company” overseeing multiple other companies within its umbrella. Handpicked Agencies supports these associated “subsidiary companies.” This support fosters close collaboration and idea exchange, allowing companies to benefit from shared knowledge and expertise while collectively offering a broader range of services. Not a full-service approach, but a cluster of specialists.

Why specifically Handpicked?

We’ve explored various networks and found the best alignment with Handpicked. We share the same vision and goals. Importantly, Handpicked is the only major Dutch network not backed by venture capital. This allows us to focus on long-term value rather than short-term gains. Additionally, Handpicked has been ranked as the number one agency group in the Emerce survey for three consecutive years. They’re also actively engaged in emerging technologies, something we consider crucial for our agency’s future.

What does this mean for GRRR's clients?

We’ll continue delivering the same services but can involve our sister agencies to better or more broadly address client inquiries. Many clients find it cumbersome to connect multiple agencies, and this network serves as a solution for that.

What does this mean for the team?

With this addition, our team members can focus on their specific expertise. When they lack an answer or expertise, a Handpicked expert is available. Sharing knowledge among experts will accelerate the team’s adoption of tools like AI. Earlier this year, Handpicked Agencies introduced an employee participation program, granting all employees shares and making them direct co-owners. This ensures fair profit distribution and fosters a sense of unity with shared responsibility.

Am I obliged as a client to use the new agencies and services?

No, certainly not. The choice to engage another company within Handpicked is yours. When our clients have inquiries beyond our specific field, there’s an opportunity for collaboration with other Handpicked agencies. However, the decision is yours. We’re here to assist and inform you about the possibilities.

What new services can GRRR offer through its association with Handpicked?

Thanks to the affiliation with Handpicked, GRRR can provide a broad range of new expertise and technologies to its clients. Within Handpicked, various expertises are now available through GRRR:

  • E-commerce: Bluebird Day
  • AR and VR: Boldly
  • Digital Marketing, CRO, and SEO: Fingerspitz
  • Web-development: GoodNews
  • Strategy, Design, and Innovation: In10
  • Data and AI: Say Hi
  • Enterprise technology and digital transformation: Twentyseven
  • Digital sports marketing: TDE
  • Mobile Development: Unlock
  • Branding, strategy, and creativity: Weekend

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