A reliable and fast website suitable for the long term

An inviting website with many functionalities; that is quite complex behind the scenes. Technology is the silent but driving force behind a smooth user experience for visitors AND the team. Because the website must also be easy to operate for you yourself. A reliable, fast site that is suitable for the long term requires a clear tech architecture.

The idea that you write off a website completely after five years is really old-fashioned. By continuously improving and renewing modules you stay up to date.
Harmen Janssen

A smooth user experience through a lightning fast website

Cultuurpodium Melkweg wants to keep its website visitors on the site as long as possible, so that they can discover new events and acts. For that, the website must of course be easy to swipe through. To make a website lightning fast, you actually want the page to be ready the moment you access it. Google also does this, for example, they scrape all websites from the internet so that you see the results in the search engine very quickly. We also make this technology available to organizations that do not have Google’s tech budget. Experience it for yourself.

Developer Jochem describes in this article how the Melkweg site has become so ‘blazingly fast’.

Multiple websites on the same tech

We make it easy to scale up to multiple websites if you want to expand your services. For example, we developed one clear basis for the various sites of the four defense museums for the Royal Defense Museums Foundation. With the same basic code and the same front-end design system with reusable UX elements that make scaling up easy in all areas.

Reliability and speed, even at peak times

When Boyan Slat was allowed to tell the story of The Ocean Cleanup at CNN, 5 million people came to the website in one evening. You don’t want to waste such an opportunity to involve so many new people in your mission because of a website that slows down at a peak moment. This required an ingenious tech architecture that ensures that the site remains fast and reliable. If you would like to know more about this, be sure to read the tech blog about The Ocean Cleanup’s site.

The Stedelijk Museum website is from 2017, but feels brand new due to the right choices in design and tech.
Harmen Janssen

Convenience for the team and freedom to make up your mind

In addition to a smooth experience for visitors, ease of use for the team is also essential for us. For example, the Stedelijk Museum website has a super flexible CMS behind the scenes that gives the curators, conservators, scientists and marketeers the tools to tell their story and to archive it for the future. Both for scientific publications and to highlight something special from the collection to the public.

And the technical systems of the collection archive and the ticket sales and reservation systems of the Stedelijk Museum are all smoothly linked to each other. That’s because we didn’t put all components in one monolith website, but in specialized layers that talk to each other via an API. With our tech solution you do not need a whole new system if your needs change, but new systems can easily be added or replaced. This way the website can continue to grow without any problems if there are issues that arise at a later stage. This is how we make websites for the long term.