Bring people together to learn a new language

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Live global, feel local

Ananas is an alternative for expensive and inaccessible language courses. The app connects people to learn and to practice new languages. Similar to tinder, but for languages. You can think of expats, refugees, but also students who want to improve their Spanish.

You can choose between casual language exchange, mainly helping each other, and paid language lessons, in which everyone can present themselves as a teacher who has some spare time. In this way, we make language lessons personal and flexible. But, most of al, we connect entrants with locals in different places around the world.

Ananas is a product of Grrr, in collaboration with others. Check out and join the club.

Language as a social connector

Ananas is a start-up of Grrr. We launch our own products to tackle a social challenge without a client directly initiating this problem. We have already done this before with the Fietsy project. People are increasingly traveling around the world to work and live internationally. Although, English functions pretty well as a world language, understanding of the local language is often necessary to fully integrate into different social layers and to truly understand the culture.

We make language lessons available, affordable and above all personal by introducing Ananas. In cities like Amsterdam, the existent language lessons are either full or not flexible regarding their timetables. At the same time, there are many locals, for example students, who have spare time and want to earn some extra money with language lessons.


Ananas is a concept of Gezi Fu and Grrr. Technical credits go to Albert Carreras and Julian Diaz.