Fastest growing

Drops is the fastest growing language app in the world. Even with 35 million downloads already, the growth potential is still huge. Just think about it, the world gets smaller and smaller and the need to understand other languages ​​is universal.

Drops cleverly responds to this by offering a unique learning method. This method is universal, because brains simply seem to work the same worldwide. Everyone prefers to learn when it’s fun, and remembers things better by seeing. Kahoot!, one of the largest education platforms with 7 billion non-unique participants in over 200 countries and regions, saw the success of this formula. By being part of Kahoot!, Drops has a strong ambition to double its user base.


The secret of Drops

Drops has worked out very well how people prefer to learn. And there is a huge need for this worldwide. Otherwise, why would you be reading this now? That’s right. As is often the case with something genius, the formula is as smart as it is simple. The combination of seeing + hearing + reading = the sweet spot.

Devil in the details: inclusive growth

But how to portray that sweet spot in a way that everyone from all corners and cultures of the world understands it? It requires content and a brand that is truly understood everywhere and therefore should be truly inclusive. Able to develop at a dazzling speed. We were asked to take on the creation of thousands of illustrations and creative concepts each year. Another challenge was to carry out this branding process completely remotely.


Research and test

We started by vetting the numbers. How can we as an agency make the difference to achieve that 200% growth? We saw that Drops works very lean. New ideas are always rolled out in phases and are extensively tested. Drops is able to respond quickly to trends and user needs.

This shows their short-term activations were on point. But due to the many pivots, sub-brands and the relationship with the new owner Kahoot!, the brand could use a clear brand hierarchy again. Are we going to be a branded house or a house of brands?
Thanks to workshops, best practices and showing practical scenarios, we helped to make these kinds of strategic decisions.

Because of our experience with scale-ups, we fit seamlessly into their system. And we weren’t hesitant to put our designs into their unforgiving data-driven test mill. Guess what? Our app icon was rated better by users than the growth hackers. Hatsa! Long term branding therefore does not have to be at the expense of conversion in the short term.


An easy brand

What Drops needed most of all was consistency and convenience. To keep improving and expanding their app. And to make more and more people familiar with the app. Drops team has to produce content at dazzling speed. What we’ve created is a system that does just that. And enables Drops to create content that cuts on both sides: branding and sales activation.

Drops is fun, inclusive and simple. We ensured that those strong sides are at the forefront in all their expressions and touch points: brand architecture, tone of voice, choice of color, typography and creative (advertising) concepts.

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