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The Netherlands has more writers than readers, that is, if you count those who aspire to write a book. Editio provides these potential talents with online coaching and writing lessons. We provide Editio with a clear-cut story, fresh branding and a website that recruits more participants.

A key role for stimulating statements

Editio wants to awaken your inner writer. And because it’s all about text, we chose to put text at the heart of our design. By using quotes about literature and the writer’s craft, we aim to stimulate and make the reader feel at home. When text is key, image becomes the biggest challenge. We created vivid paper-inspired patterns that we designed specifically for this project. The patterns are active and trigger a sense of movement, thus making the texts even more powerful.

Dog or Fox?

Editio already had a logo with a personal story: the logo was based on office dog Zusje. After conducting various in-depth interviews with the loyal pooch, who gave us some excellent advice on which angle would make her tail look best, we came up with this design. A fresher version of an old beast.

Extensive Course Offerings

Together with the Editio team, we have been able to identify their core tasks and how they would like to convey those. We managed to provide easy access to their extensive course offerings – from beginner to professional – through faceted navigation. Users can filter search results based on aspects like subject, course level, and duration.

Our developers have built the website on a modern WordPress ‘development stack’; a kind of WordPress Pro. We have developed a system in which pages can be fully modular with all the blocks designed by our designers. This means that Editio is free to create and share pages as they wish, easy as that.

Agenda view of Editio writers courses
Connie Palmen reading Editio Magazine

About writing, writers and their rituals

Editio also allowed us to create a pilot edition of their new literary magazine. At the moment, the magazine is in circulation after a successful crowdfunding campaign. The magazine is about writing, writers and their rituals. You will find short stories, articles about being a writer and interviews with well-known and emerging writers speaking candidly about the writing process. The magazine is unique because it is specifically targeting novice writers and offers them a platform at the same time.

Let yourself be inspired by writers like Kader Abdolah, Ozcan Akyol and Manon Uphoff. You can subscribe on Editio’s website or purchase a separate number in a large number of bookstores throughout the Netherlands.