Inspiring young people to discover classical music

  • Brand Design

Offering an entrance for the youth

Entrée is connected to Het Concertgebouw and the Concertgebouw Orchestra. It offers a network, special events and discounts to young people. The project was started because of a new pricing strategy and new branding. Our goal was to create as many entrances for young people to explore classical music as possible. Only offering discounts is not enough.

Our sits attracts more visitors, whom stay longer on our website and buy more tickets.​
Sywert van Lienden, chairman Entrée
Concertagenda entree website design

Discover classical music with the Entrée website

There are more than 700 concerts a year in Het Concertgebouw. What good is a discount when you don’t know what is being played? Our strategy for Entrée focuses on the user: the new website and app stimulate discovery. You browse through tips given by peers, scroll through fragments of classical music used in pop music or select based on atmosphere. This helps you discover new music and enhance your music knowledge. Once you find a nice concert, one click turns on the sprint alarm or you can buy a ticket within three clicks.

Get inspired

Curators such as singer Janne Schra and DJ Patrice Bäumel give tips on concerts that touch and inspire them. They can help you discover or refine your classical music taste. Listening can be done directly through the custom audio player that plays music from Het Concertgebouw’s archives.

Intelligent design

Don’t you also often think ‘Where have I heard this before?’. You could be right. Popstars often borrow samples from classical composers. What did Robin Thicke borrow form Beethoven? And Beyoncé from Schubert? This tool helps you find out.

Program by sentiment

We changed the focus from program to visitor: do they want intimate concerts or a large and exhilarating orchestra? Looking for accessible music or a challenge? The choosing tool helps you find what you’re looking for within a few clicks.


  • Program and tickets on one website/app.
  • Online  sprint tickets with an integrated SMS system.
  • The website as an interactive platform for programming, background information and ordering tickets.
  • More visitors on websites and mobile app. Visitors stay longer and buy more tickets.
GRRR is a strategic partner with good designers and technicians. They were the only party to give us confidence that they could offer the desired results within our limited timeframe. And they delivered!
Sywert van Lienden, chairman of Entrée

Discover and learn: For beginners and experts

Entrée is meant for those brought up with classical music as well as first time visitors. Also, anyone under 35 can use Entrée. We made a website that works for both children and young adults.


The program can be filtered on budget, top-of-the-bill or on specific days. Juniors (up to 17 years) can directly switch to a specially designed interface, just for them.

The feeling at GRRR fits well with Entrée. You’re always welcome and they see you as an equal partner in the designing process. This works much better than the classic client-bureau relationship.
Sywert van Lienden, chairman of Entrée

Tip me

We show that Entrée is made up of people like you and me. The organisation is visible in different areas: they give tips about their favourite concerts and activities.

Unique: sms alarm for last minute tickets

For the real fans we introduced sprint alerts. Almost all concert halls in the Netherlands require you to be physically present at the ticket office to get last minute tickets. With Entrée, you now receive an SMS when tickets become available for the concerts you have selected. In the SMS you can find a link to directly buy the tickets online, with an Entrée discount. This has been made possible by properly integrating the new website with Het Concertgebouw’s database.

Personas entree website

Who are our (potential) members?

We created five personality based on thorough research into Entrée’s members and potential members. They were constantly referenced during the process of creating the design and functionality.

On the day of the launch we got a very enthusiastic response from our visitors. The website is beautiful and especially practical in use. We could always call on GRRR for support, and were helped perfectly.
Arjan Lienaerts, employee of Het Concertgebouw

Together with partners

The Den Haag based bureau Vruchtvlees designed the visual identity that we translated into an online design. We synchronised the SRO register and Het Concertgebouws data API, created by Zicht. We were helped by the Entrée, Concertgebouw Orchestra and Het Concertgebouw’s teams, who came with their own proper research into their visitors’ wishes for the new website. As Chairman of Entrée, Sywert van Lienden often sat with us in the studio to scrum over the process. The result is a website that Entrée can start using directly.