Het Nationale Theater


Bold design and branding for a true public theater

  • Brand Design

An outspoken and engaged style brings a diverse audience into the theater.

The passionate artistic director Eric de Vroedt attracts international attention with a fresh approach that enables him to better connect theater and the audience. How? By making pieces that are relevant today and by responding to today’s media use. What does video chat mean in the theater and how up to date can a play be?

We created a distinct style for Het Nationale Theater (HNT). Not modest, but straightforward. Just like the Hagenes. After all, it is their theater. We believe – just like HNT – that theater really sets something in motion.

The National Theater has The Hague as its hometown and has a national role when it comes to sharing knowledge and producing new stories. GRRR has managed to portray this position well in its powerful and clear corporate branding. A wonderful foundation that we can build on for years to come.
Monique Rutten, Head of Marketing & Development of Het Nationale Theater

Merger as the starting point of a sustainable partnership

We have been HNT’s partner for design and digital since 2016. We started the collaboration in an important strategic phase: in the middle of a merger of four organizations, and the start of a new artistic director. And so a new brand had to be built.

We have a lot of experience in involving various parties in a creative process. So that’s what we did. In this challenging playing field, we developed a bold strategy, branding, campaign and digital integrations for HNT to attract their audience, both in The Hague and nationally. And we still enjoy working with them on campaigns.

In the pitch, GRRR was convincing. They managed to capture very well the apparent jumble of expectations, assignments and unspoken opinions that all come with the merging of four theater companies into one national institution. For Het Nationale Theater they created the image of an organization that is at the heart of society, open to current events, rooted in tradition.
Cees Debets, Theater Director, HNT

Daring theatrical style that fits the theater of today

The National Theater is one of the two largest theater companies in the Netherlands. Of the two, HNT makes the clear choice to profile itself as national and outspoken, with productions on today’s themes.

Journalistic photography is an important part of the corporate identity. With street photography we show things as they are: natural light, no styling and no retouching. Not an advertisement, but a report. In this way we let photography propagate the bold, raw and current of the HNT identity.

We use contrasting typography that commands your attention. And the frame gives every expression a stage; a space in which we clearly state how theater can make an impact.

This is how we give Het Nationale Theater a striking style that attracts full houses locally and nationally.

HNT reflects well on applying the Diversity and Inclusion Code – the council sees the institution as an example in this area. It serves a large group of people for whom theater visits are not self-evident. In its marketing the organization shows a good relationship with diversity.
Culture Council