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Websites for everyone

With simple products and services Mijndomein (my domain) ensures that things that were previously unattainable, become available for all. For example, before, only companies could apply for their own .nl domain name. Mijndomein made them accessible and affordable for everyone in 2003. Now you’re only a few clicks away from having your own.nl. With this Mijndomein set the example and the standard we are used to nowadays.

After the hosting market, Mijndomein now wants to open up the markets for leasing cars, mortgages and banking with their approach. We were asked to design their new visual identity and branding.

Clear, easy, honest.

Mijndomein stands for simplicity. No fuss, no tiny fonts. We brought that simplicity into the new brand. Bright colors, a simple and friendly font. Without fuss.

In the design the ring is central; It symbolizes the customer in his domain. This circle comes alive with animations for the different sub brands.

mijndomein logo in red box
animated logos for mijndomein subbrands: auto and online

One brand for multiple markets

The strategy of Mijndomein: Ordering in bulk to get a lower price and clear agreements without obstacles. With the same approach as the domain registration, Mijndomein now breaks the current car lease market. Thus, more submarkers will follow. Sub-brands with different characters. Uniformity is created by using playful blocks and the recurring logo. Still each submark is distinctive by its text and color. Six colors in various combinations show their own identity: modest to rebellious. But all truly Mijndomein.

During the pitch GRRR was able to catch the Mijndomein vibe the best. In the development they presented themselves as partners for the long term and that is a pleasant cooperation.
Joost van Rooy, Marketing manager

Research & strategy

Before we started the design we thought about the name and relationship between mother- and daughter brands. Also, with persona- and customer journeys we mapped the users.

Green offset and Split energy

As a web hosting company, you can’t really avoid high energy consumption. After all, all websites are hosted on servers that are plugged into an electrical outlet, and that consumes electricity. Since 2010, Mijndomein has been consciously working to offset their CO2 emissions by incorporating as much green technology as possible into their racks and office spaces. They also support local social projects through FairClimateFund, which operates according to The Gold Standard.

In line with their social objectives, Mijndomein Energie introduced the Energiesplitter in early 2021. Because many people are currently working from home, the boundaries between business and personal life are becoming increasingly blurred. Thanks to the (green and affordable) split energy, self-employed individuals can now easily separate their consumption, allowing them to charge their business expenses to their company.

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