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The Museumnight in Amsterdam has been promoting museums to young people since 2001. We were responsible for their successful campaigns between 2006 and 2012. Interactivity was the recurring theme, aiming to make the event as accessible as possible. The goal: to connect young people between 18 and 35 with museums in Amsterdam. When we started in 2006, the average age of the visitors was 37. The event was sold out every year and most visitors returned, but the average age increased as well.

We rebooted the communication with rejuvenation as a goal. The idea: to provide inputs and to inspire. A strategy that our successors still maintain.

From print to online

We changed course to more online interaction to lower the threshold for young people who never visit a museum. This way we are able to reach them in their daily environment: online. We utilized influencers and ambassadors with whom this generation could identify and joined up with renowned partners within the age group.

Back in 2010, the website for the Museumnacht was one of the first responsive websites in the Netherlands.
David Spreekmeester, Developer at GRRR
museumnacht n8 campagne website

Engaging the audience

In order to appeal to a younger generation we focused on participation. By letting young people contribute actively and by showing contributions made by others, a sense of co-ownership is created.

We also featured design competitions that offered a stage for young creatives in prominent places during the campaign. And you were able to create your own selection from the program and share it on social media.

museumnacht campagne branding

Interactive print

We also applied our human-centered approach with regard to printed matter. We wanted the program booklet to provide inputs. In the end it became more of an interactive guide, which provided playful and inspirational links to help you determine your route in different ways. Functional for the seasoned museum visitor, accessible for newcomers.

Creating a brand

The foundation behind the Museum Night is not just concerned with one beautiful night a year. Gradually, other activities have started to play an increasingly important role. In order to keep engaging young people with museums throughout the year, the foundation organizes smaller events several times a year. They also regularly publish news and museum tips on their blog.

To express that they are a relevant source of cultural interest throughout the year, we positioned the brand n8 as a broader concept. It has become a quality brand for young people, with the Museumnacht as one of its events.


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  • 170kTickets sold
  • 37/26average age in 2006/2011

    37 Average age 2006 26 Average age 2011