Sustainable solution of the labor shortage

Humpery Kaigi Mburu – a Kenyan entrepreneur – has a problem that many other entrepreneurs from developing countries have: he is caught between gifts and bank loans.

In 2015 he founded Sereni Fries. A company that processes potatoes into fresh potato products or crisps. He sells these products to the catering industry or retailers in large cities.

With his company, Humpery provides income security for at least 2,500 small-scale potato farmers. Also, he invests in making the production process more sustainable by collaborating with agronomists.


Too big for microcredit, too small for the bank

But Humpery wants to grow. And he needs money for that. You may think; a loan from the bank, isn’t that the solution? No.

Humpery is too small to meet all the high standards of the bank and too large for microcredit.

He is not the only one with this problem. There are many more promising companies in developing countries that just fall between two stools when it comes to investments.

A brand for innovative microfinance

Development organizations Solidaridad, ICCO, and crowdfunding platform Lendahand each have years of experience in stimulating agricultural entrepreneurship in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Together they saw opportunities to help these entrepreneurs. And so GRRR developed the new brand PlusPlus with them.

How do we solve that

NGO new style

With the new-style NGO, entrepreneurs who are often stuck between donations and bank loans can qualify for a loan. We have started developing a new brand and visual language. A brand that is recognizable to the public. A brand that provides involvement and also money for the crowdfunding. Below we tell you how we came from strategy to solution.

In Africa, more than 3 million jobs are created every year, while 12 million young people enter the labor market. Small and medium-sized agri-food entrepreneurs in these countries literally and figuratively bring bread on the table and thus play an important role in the sustainable solution of these problems

Ruerd Ruben, professor Food Security and Value Chains
Insight 1

Entrepreneurs are heroes

We emphasize the entrepreneur’s professionalism in the branding we have chosen. There may sometimes still be a sentiment that entrepreneurs in developing countries are pathetic or seriously behind schedule. PlusPlus looks at it differently: they are go-getters, people who want to work and know a lot about their profession. Putting those entrepreneurs on a podium is the basis for the brand story.

Insight 2

Don't donate, but borrow

We see that the culture of donating is changing. Where we used to structurally donate money to one charity, we currently prefer to support actions or charities that we feel connected to at that time. Also, the one-way traffic of donations is well-intended, but it no longer has the desired effect.

Then what?

With the new style NGO you give money, but you don’t donate. It is a loan that an entrepreneur can immediately use for his important investment. Because, as we said: they are the professionals.

How do we ensure that people feel comfortable with the investment? We supported this with a clear logo and visual identity. The central idea is that everyone can benefit: the entrepreneur in Kenya, the community around that entrepreneur, but also the investor in the Netherlands. That is the logic behind the PlusPlus brand name.

Insight 3

Cut out the middleman

We have chosen to focus on the people, the farmers, and the entrepreneurs themselves. Their stories inspire and in this way investors can choose who they want to support. A lot more personal than when the choice is made for you!

Select + invest + create impact

The PlusPlus site is now live and investments can be made. In this podcast from BNR news radio, Peter Heijen, Managing Director of PlusPlus, talks about this new platform.


GRRR collaborated with Bas Koopmans for the Art Direction of PlusPlus. Havas Lemz developed an introduction campaign for promotion. Curious about this new investment platform? View the website here.

Also a new brand for your plans?


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