Prints and patterns are the creative raw materials for fashion. Some couturiers create their patterns themselves, others like to buy their patterns with specialized designers.

We developed an online platform that could really turn the fashion industry upside down.

Innovation in the fashion industry

Fashion professionals travel to exhibits in Paris, London and New York to sell or buy patterns for future collections. This is time-consuming, expensive and not real-time.

Sieve offers an alternative by making these patterns available online in a secured online trading platform. You can easily view and compare patterns, and use them immediately after purchase.

The way the industry buys surface pattern has to change, but we need to consider fashion professionals are a very discerning market. This is an ambitious and moving target. Grrr understands what it takes to achieve that goal.

Creative Director Sieve

Invite only

Designers of prints and patterns are able to invite and select their buyers themselves. Original prints are the assets of both the creators and the fashion houses. That way, a print can not suddenly appear in your competitor’s collection. But how do you get these people to move from a face-to-face market to the anonymous internet?

With Sieve we created a platform where the benefits of the physical fair are still present, but are also enhanced by the convenience of the internet. So: Invite-only & real-time trade. But also: better assortment, more efficient search function and 24/7 availability.

Realtime is tricky

But we fixed it! We made it happen with Meteor. This is a technical platform made by the startup unicorn of the same name. Meteor runs underwater on the increasingly popular Node.js.

The result: To click is to save and to buy is to have. Without having to refresh the page. That’s different from a regular web-shop where someone else might close the deal right before you decide to buy.