Fine art, modern dance and theater

Ulrike Quade Company (UQC) is creating an innovative form of theater, which is increasingly successful. Valued highly by critics and the public alike, their new performance, Coco Chanel, is rewarded five stars in the national media. Furthermore the company recently moved into a new headquarters and internationally and is invited to play at stages all over the world: from Czech Republic to Colombia. UQC is innovative and difficult difficult to categorise; A new theater form between visual arts, modern dance and theater.

GRRR and Bas Koopmans created the new branding.


Creative concept

Fill in the gaps

Visiting a Ulrike Quade play involves more then simply being a spectator. You will be challenged to take an active role and use your use your imagination to fully understand and experience the piece. Inspired by the pieces of Ulrike Quade, we created animations in which we playfully use breakouts and spacing. In this way, we are exposing the viewer to fill in the holes themselves.

We made a visual style that combines a classic, tight base with a daring layer over it. The visual style lends elements of visual arts communication, with which we hope to attract a wider audience than a traditional theater poster would do. We apply the style to webdesign, animations and videos, as well as various posters, t-shirt designs and various other products in the new house style.


Sharing knowledge

What would Coco do?

Ulrike Quade Company maintains high priority on research and sharing knowledge. They work with major institutions like Theater de Munt (Brussels) and Nicole Beutler, but what is less know (and should be getting more attention) is the effort Ulrike Quade Company invests in involving young talent. For the performance Coco Chanel, Ulrike Quade works with a wide range of young makers. Through a series of video reports, their efforts are shared with the public.


Public and Press

Overwhelming enthusiasm


We worked with Bas Koopmans for the Art Direction, Michiel Voet is the photographer.